To optimize the space and increase the usable area of the warehouse, the shelves began to do above.

Services like warehouse loaders manually very difficult and time-consuming process, which, thanks to the forklift, greatly simplified, since it becomes possible to raise and lower the pallet to a considerable height without much difficulty. What types of forklifts and their differences between themselves and the nuances of using will be described below as answers to frequently asked questions.

Which trucks are better: electric or fuel oil?

It all depends on the conditions in which you are operating the forklift. It is very easy to find road route directions on this site. If you need the machine to work inside the warehouse with occasional visits to the street, it is most preferable to use an electric forklift. For heavier work with a great stay on the outside and rare races to the warehouse, you can use the model for liquid fuel or liquefied gas.

How much fuel the truck consumes?

Despite the fact that the manufacturers of this equipment carried out the testing and indicate fuel consumption at specific loads per hour, and there are also formulas for calculating fuel consumption, all these data will be very approximate. For example, the relief of your warehouse has considerable elevation changes, and the operator often has to raise the pallets on high racks. In another entity changes not, he pleased with the presence of smooth surfaces on all areas of the warehouse and low shelving. In the end, the difference in flow of identical trucks may differ per liter per hour and more.

How long can last the battery on the truck?

Before pulling the battery will lose most of his power, he guarantees will last from 1500 to 2000 charge cycles. In other words, if your warehouse is open every day, batteries should last at least 4 years. It is important not to violate the conditions of its operation.

How high you can lift a load and what weight?

Everything will depend on the model and capacity of the selected equipment. The lower these parameters, the cheaper in the end will cost apparatus. At the moment you can purchase a forklift as 1500 and 7000 kg lifting capacity. Lifting height can be from 2 to 6 meters or more.

What are the most popular trucks in our market and what is their cost?

The most popular brands on the market of loading equipment: CAT, Toyota, NISSAN, Linde, Mitsubishi, HELI, Crown and many others. In total on the market more than 30 brands of loading equipment from different countries. As for the price, it is very difficult to bring all to a common denominator, as it depends on the characteristics of equipment and manufacturer. The new loader will have to pay about $ 20,000, while b/y vehicles with a fair life can be found at $ 8,000.

Is there any difference between the tires on the technique?

Yes, there are. Initially, there are two types of tires for forklifts: pneumatic and solid. Pneumatic tyres in type resemble conventional automobile and are also divided into a chamber and tubeless. Solid rubber tyres not filled in the air, and a special compound (rubber compound). Unlike the previous version solid rubber tyres are not afraid of punctures, but at the same time, worse work out the bumps in the road.

How difficult is it to operate a forklift?

To do this, can watch the video and make sure that the nuances of management still exists. Seriously, between the control truck and the car have absolutely nothing in common.

Here you control the rotation of the rear wheel, which means that its behavior will be completely different technology. Most important of all, learn to correctly assess the distance and height of the cargo movement, movement itself can be mastered fairly quickly.

What courses you need to finish in order to have the right working on the truck?

At the moment, the driver-operator of forklift should have the right to control this technique. Specialized agencies that conduct theoretical and practical training, sufficient approximate training time – 6 months. For driving an electric forklift will also need access to II group on electrical safety and will need to be trained for the replacement and charging of traction batteries.

What is the maximum speed of the forklift?

To have a race on the forks (especially electrical) will not work, and there is no no need. Modern diesel loader capable of speeds up to 25 km/h. The speed of an electric version just below, it depends on the battery.